The Hero vs The Hater

There are two powerful people inside you. The first is your HERO. Your HERO lifts you up. She cheers you on. She gives you strength when your fears take over your mind and body. Your HERO is your truth. She is spiritual and stays committed to a powerful vision that is bigger than yourself. Your HERO has no limits and dreams like a child where anything in the world is possible.

The other person inside of you is your HATER. Your Hater. This person feeds off your fears. She tells you how much you suck, that you can’t achieve anything, and that you aren’t enough. She sabotages everything good in your life and continues to keep you down. Your HATER loves to push your buttons and dive into your triggers to make you react from fear instead of love.

Both your HERO and your HATER live inside you and are extremely powerful.

Every day you get to make a choice.

Which one will show up for you today?


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