I've been working out with b.fit for over a year now. This has been the only exercise program in my life that I have stuck with. She has a very realistic approach to health and wellness and she will meet you wherever you are physically. It is by far the best program I have ever been a part of.  LISA M. 2018-19

I started working out with Barbara because I didn’t feel strong. I not only got strong but I feel healthier then I have in years. My mind is in a great place and I now enjoy going to the gym. She is fantastic to work with and will modify the workout if necessary. Give her workouts a try. You will not be sorry. ❤️👍🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ I am moving to Savannah Georgia and will truly miss my workouts with Barbara. 😢  NANCY D. 2019

Been going for a month now. Very motivating, rest based workout...go at your own pace...love it. SANTASHA 2018-19
I started with Barbara in July as part of a group session , really enjoyed the variety and challenge she put into the sessions also have had some one on one sessions as well. Barbara is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (and somehow fun.) My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more reps, core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. Importantly, she ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. Barb is extremely reliable and punctual-always set up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. If motivation, flexibility and a personal approach is what you’re looking for the Barbara is for you! Make no mistake, Barbara is the real deal. She’s incredibly knowledgeable there’s no question that Barbara knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind and soul. Add to that, she can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, and you have yourself an all-in-one solution that is worth her weight in gold. The best part about working with Barbara is that she is hilarious and always insightful. She keeps me laughing always , and adds a fun element to every workout to keep me motivated and working to my peak 5 stars, A+, Don’t think twice!  CLAIRE L. 2018
I have been working out with Barbara for over a year - she has been the biggest support for my fitness goals. She works with me on scheduling, always accommodating. I’m lifting heavier and I have more endurance than I have ever had. Barbara is a class act professional and an amazing mentor. I would be happy to be a personal reference for Barbara and B.fit. Any questions, ask me!!!!  JEN O. 2019
A great place for someone looking to change their lifestyle and get active. Barbara is dedicated, knowledgeable and fun! An affordable option for fitness. You can enjoy small group training and have the best of both worlds - Individualized fitness and group support. She also offers 1 on 1 training too.
MEGAN 2017-2018