Barbara is a great trainer who gets to know each person's individual abilities and issues. She comes up with a variety of workouts that can be tailored to whoever shows up to the group that night. The group of women you work out with are really funny and supportive, as is Barbara. Highly recommend, especially for someone who might otherwise feel unsure about going to a gym.

Erica Z. 1-31-16

Sooooo glad I found this group! Just started and went to my 5th class and LOVE IT!! Barbara is GREAT and the ladies are awesome!!

Kerri S. 1-19-16

Boy, did I find this group at the right time! Fun and motivating, this is a perfect place to take the first step to better health.

Sylvana B.  1-19-16

I love training with Barbara! She knows when to really push but does it without being too pushy. If something doesn't work for you she modifies the exercise so you can still get some benefit. I continually recommend Barbara to many women and always will.

Reva K. 1-22-16

A Facebook post from a group client:

I wanted to take a second to let everyone know about a group training class that Barbara Steinmetz from in Haskell, NJ does Mon-Thur 7pm-8pm. I started going to Barb about a month ago and although she kicks my butt I have loved every session. This the perfect, VERY AFFORDABLE, comfortable, non-judgmental training session for those looking to make a change in their lives, get back into a workout routine in a healthy environment with a trained professional or if you are like me trying to shed the baby weight heh hem... 4 years later. I have worked with many other personal trainers in the past and I can tell you from experience she knows what she is talking about and how to train you to maximize your potential. FYI, this is not a paid endorsement - just a post from the heart. Thank you, Barbara, for giving me a comfortable place to take care of "me".

Silvana DiMarco Prell 9/15/15

Ready to achieve your goals ?


Working out with Barbara is enjoyable and effective ! She tailors my workouts to suit my abilities and needs, and makes then fun and interactive. Every time I go to see her there is something new to do, and I can see my body changing as a result. What I really appreciate, though, is Barbara's focus on health. Barbara's focus is appropriately centered on long term wellness goals and takes them seriously. I had never worked out with a trainer before Barbara, but I'M really glad that I found her ! This is the longest I've stuck with a workout regimen and its because of her that I have.

Carol V. 3/13/14

Barbara is a great inspiration. I've been training with her for almost 4 months now and have gone from a person that never exercised to training 3 times a week. I was only able to run for about 20 seconds at a time on the treadmill to running 20 minutes straight.

Marion K.  4/12/13

I have been training with Barbara for about a year now, and I came to her to become healthier and to "". I wanted to manage my emotional weight gain which was a result having a full-time career, being a wife and full-time mother to two children and who also survived post-partum depression. This past year I have lost 20 lbs. Barbara is the kind of trainer that takes on your goals and challenges personally. She is accommodating and caring. She is respectful and uplifting and becomes completely vested in YOUR goals. If you are looking for someone who understands the not only psychology but the physical challenges of healthy weight loss, then look no further. Call Barbara TODAY.

Irene M.   2/11/13

I am 60, overweight and absolutely hate exercise. I have no " head " for exercise in a group; by the time I figure out to go left, everybody else is going right. I feel klutzy and embarrassed when I have to exercise with others. After breaking a shoulder I started using Personal Trainers after Physical Therapy ended to ensure that I kept exercising. I have always belonged to a gym, but for me, having a trainer has been the difference between belonging and going. I have been with Barbara now for over two years and she's the best. She trains methodically and has everything planned and documented. She's done a ton of research into shoulder exercises and is extremely attentive to correct form so I don't injure an already compromised joint. She encourages me to progress steadily without pushing too fast. She includes balance training, which is essential for a woman in my age bracket. I feel very comfortable training with Barbara and highly recommend her to others who just aren't comfortable in a group environment.

Diana S.  1/13//12